Off to Nigeria – #14!

When you make a decision to follow Jesus, get ready for some surprises – including the places He will take you.  Years ago, the thought of visiting Nigeria scared me.  The size (20% of all of Africa), the legends & worst-case scenario stories, & the reputation of the chaos at the Lagos Airport all frightened [...]

Cultivating Wonder

Cultivating Wonder One of the great gifts of childhood is curiosity.  Many children simply love to explore.  The nagging “whys?” of the four-year-old demonstrate God’s design for human learning.  Set loose in the garden, the inquisitive child tirelessly turns over rocks and logs and other debris to discover what mysteries might lie beneath. These gifts [...]

Summer 2014 Update

Technology problem fixed…  if you want to read our Summer Update 2014 with some reflections from the recent Uganda & Kenya trip, check out: Summer Update 2014