Pastor Taku for Baku

On Sunday November 23, I preached at the Apostolic Church in Buea (pronounced Boy-ya), in SW Cameroon.  As I often do in the midst of a global thinking sermon, I was encouraging people to expand their prayers & start praying for nations and for Unreached People Groups.  In the first service, I was trying to [...]

Off to Cameroon

Greetings DAI colleagues & friends Although this upcoming trip is included on the prayer calendar that we posted  in late Summer, this note is to request special prayer partnership as Paul travels November 18-25 to Cameroon.  He’ll join with Emeline Nde (DAI Ministry Center Director in Cameroon), Benvictor Ojong (DAI Board member & pastor), & [...]

Off to Nigeria – #14!

When you make a decision to follow Jesus, get ready for some surprises – including the places He will take you.  Years ago, the thought of visiting Nigeria scared me.  The size (20% of all of Africa), the legends & worst-case scenario stories, & the reputation of the chaos at the Lagos Airport all frightened [...]