Christmas Greetings from Christie & Paul Borthwick

“I have come,” said a deep voice behind them. They turned and saw the Lion himself, so bright and real and strong that everything else began at once to look pale and shadowy compared with him.” C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair As C.S. Lewis’ quote describes the Lion, his Christ-figure Aslan, in The Chronicles of [...]

Borthwick update: Sri Lanka, Nigeria, & more

Greetings friends, Christie and I are concluding our end-of-summer vacation, and I’m preparing to leave Saturday to teach again in Nigeria. But before the weekend, a note with an update, a prayer request, and a question. UPDATE: we thank God for an excellent ministry/teaching trip in Sri Lanka (August 2- 11). Joining with DAI facilitators [...]

Borthwick Summer 2013 Update

CAMEROON, CORE VALUES, & CALENDAR Greetings faithful friends, Like Paul the apostle’s letters, we always feel compelled to start our letters by thanking God for you! Your prayers, encouragement and financial support enable us to stay faithful to the life and ministry to which God has called us. SUMMARY: a brief report about the recent [...]